An Introduction to Meditation, with Nicola Jones (CHCH TV) and Tony Murdock


Meditation and the Labyrinth, with Nicola Jones (CHCH TV) and Tony Murdock

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When I was a teenager, my mom introduced me to the lives of mystics and saints, and the pursuit of spiritual happiness. This was a time when there was little interest in this field of study or in the area of personal (spiritual) exploration. She courageously and quietly followed her passions. As a result, she was a major influence in my growing interest in meditation, yoga and spiritual unfoldment.

Here, at the age of 85, my mother (Wanda) continues to ‘push the envelope,’ and goes Skydiving for the first time. Watch as she continues to follow her passions, taking another leap of faith, fearlessly jumping from the plane.


This is an interpretation of Kali Yantra. The image is a painting I did several years ago. The text for this video talk can be found in the article section.

This video link is from the introduction on Toward Stillness: Guided Meditations for the Beginner

Highlights from my workshop How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep