Meditation Tips: 24, 25, 26, 27

24 . Surrender: With surrender, we let go of our thoughts, our emotions, our likes, our dislikes. We let go of our ego’s involvement in the process. Let go, and let be. For some, let go and let God.


25. Be Receptive: When we are receptive to the possibilities of higher consciousness, we are open to grace.


26. Allowing: A big part of making progress in meditation is “allowing” progress to happen; “allow” the changes to take place…accept them.


27. Smile: As you begin your meditations, smile. Just a little smile, a hint of a smile. You will notice that it will help to shift your attitude toward your meditations, especially if you find that you are not in the mood to meditate. Smiling can dissolve your inner shadows, and allow the light of Spirit to shine.

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