Meditation for Harmony of Body, Mind, Emotions and Our Inner Spirit

Meditation is the art of calming the mind and focusing it on an object. In its simplest application, it can be used for relaxation and stress reduction, and bring us to an awareness of the important inter-connection between our minds and our bodies. Meditation can help us manage our physical and emotional pain. It gives us a tool to use for coping with the apparent disharmony in our lives.

Meditation can also reduce psychological stress, psychophysical stress and physical stress. Of course proper diet, getting enough exercise…and rest, and having the right attitude towards ourselves and the people who are in our lives, are also essential. However, meditation can help specifically to relax our minds and our bodies, reforming a conscious connection between them. When we ‘tune into our bodies’ with our mind…and listen to what our bodies are telling us, we have taken an important step toward optimal health.

At a deeper level, meditation can help us to release our emotional blockages and pain. It can help us to face our pain and give us a tool to work through our pain, and bring healing to the heart and body. This healing allows us to open the heart and integrate our spiritual nature with our mind, our emotions and our body.

Whenever we are at a crossroads in our life, we generally experience higher levels of stress. We are leaving behind something familiar, and are crossing over into a life pattern that is not familiar. Sometimes these transitions are of our own choosing. Often, though, they appear on our life path unexpectedly, in some cases, they appear as insurmountable obstacles and we are forced into a change. In either case, we want to make the transition from the old to the new with as much ease as possible.

Meditation is one way to ease the anxiety and stress we feel in these transition situations. Meditation helps us to calm the restless and anxious mind. It also helps us to keep a focused and balanced perspective on our changing world. In other words, meditation helps to keep the boat of our lives steady and still in the ocean of the world that can often be rough and unpredictable.

Meditation can not only be used as a wonderful “wellness” tool to reduce stress and bring about calmness, it can also motivate individuals to live their lives with a more positive attitude, and thereby bring about greater happiness for themselves and their loved ones. As you are aware, a happy life leads to a healthy life. The right technique, the right instruction and a dedication to practicing the techniques are the keys to success.

Meditation provided me with the skills to work successfully in the corporate world. Through the practice of relaxation techniques, and the development of concentration and meditation skills, I believe that any sincere practitioner can develop more calmness and peace of mind in their work and in their lives. They will be able to focus on their projects with more skillful attention and awareness. They will not simply survive the day, but ‘flow’ through the day with an overall sense of well being. This would enhance the mental health of anyone. In my experience, individuals who have started meditating as part of their lifestyle have found that their lives have improved in remarkable ways.

When our mind and emotions are balanced and harmonized, then we have access to our true inner spiritual nature. We begin to have a healthy appreciation for our life and the lives of our loved ones. Our world is seen through new eyes, and we can start to perceive the interconnection and interdependence of all creation.

Peace of mind, clarity of thought, reduction of stress, and a more positive outlook on life are just some of the early benefits of meditation. When our minds are calm, our body relaxes. When our mind and body are relaxed, we move toward stillness. When we experience stillness, we are moving toward a harmony of body, mind, emotions and spirit that is our birthright. Then, when we tune into our inner Spirit, and call upon Spirit to integrate into our daily lives, we are connecting to an essential aspect of ourselves that not only gives us comfort and strength. Spirit gives us the sweet power of transformation to grow, to be compassionate toward ourselves and toward others, as we move through the transitions of life. Like a boat firmly anchored, the waves of the ever-changing ocean around us have little effect. Meditation, practiced faithfully and regularly, helps us to maintain a firm and steady connection to our inner unchanging Spirit.

Meditation can open the door to higher consciousness.

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