Meditation on The Kali Yantra

  1. Gaze with eyes open at the bindu of the Kali Yantra;
  2. Gaze also as if seeing with the mind’s eye, the Spiritual Eye, the Ajna Chakra;
  3. Gaze with the heart – feel the flow of reverence from your heart centre (the internal seat of Kali) moving towards the bindu (the external seat of Kali) of the Yantra;
  4. Internalize the colours of the Yantra – let them wash over you;
  5. Allow the regenerative power of the Kali Yantra to internalize and transform you;
    When you are ready, continue your meditation with eyes closed, seeing the Kali Yantra in your mind’s eye. Mentally chant So’ Ham (Hum), the breath of Kali – So with the in-breath, Hum with the out-breath.
    Remain relaxed.
    Don’t strain.

Taken from the Article on “The Kali Yantra

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