Meditation On Devotion And Light

  • Cross the palms of your hands over the area of your heart
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Become aware of the “giving-feeling” of devotion in the area of your heart…filling your body…unifying your body, mind and Spirit
  • Relax your hands and arms
  • Now, fill this devotion with light – this light will carry your devotion beyond your self
  • With humility, slowly expand the light with your devotion to touch all people close to you – feel a connection with the Spirit within them
  • Visualize and sense your devotion being carried in your light to all people in this city…In this country…On this continent…On this planet-earth…
    Feel your devotional interconnection to and interdependence with the Spirit within all people on this planet-earth
  • Sense your interconnection to the life essence in all creatures in the animal kingdom…to the life essence in all vegetation in the plant kingdom…to the life essence in all “the miraculous creations of nature” in the mineral kingdom… feel your devotion and light connecting to Mother Earth beneath you… healing Her… healing you… in wholeness and health
  • Now, expand your devotion and light out into the solar system, and beyond through the galaxies…until you feel your interconnectedness to and interdependence with the whole universe
    …feel the energy of unity with all things in God, and God in all things.” (Meister Eckhart)
  • Celebrate the unity, the interconnection, the interdependence
  • Slowly bring your awareness back to your body, to your self
  • Integration of body, mind and spirit is very important…feel Spirit re-integrate with your mind, emotions and body through your forehead and move your awareness down through your body until you feel your connection to the earth beneath you
  • Maintain your devotional, your compassionate Spirit-connection with all you meet

Ramakrishna tells us that God can be seen. And the best way to see God is through the path of Bhakti Yoga.
“The kundalini is speedily awakened if one follows the path of Bhakti. God cannot be seen unless She is awakened. Sing earnestly and secretly in solitude:

Waken, O Mother! O Kundalini, whose nature is Bliss Eternal!
Thou art the serpent coiled in sleep, in the lotus of the Muladhara.

[The poet] Ramprasad achieved perfection through singing. One obtains the vision of God if one sings with a yearning heart.”
~ Ramakrishna, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Taken from the article “Bhakti Yoga: The Path of Devotion

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