Kurma Nadi Meditation

This is a practice to develop steadiness and stillness.

The subtle nerve plexus called Kurma Nadi is located about 1” down from the notch in the centre of your collarbone and ½ “ inside. It can be visualized as an oval tube about ¾ “ long in a cool colour (blue, green, violet) according to your preference.

Simply focus the mind there for about 5 minutes before or after meditation, or as a practice apart from meditation. If you have difficulty locating that precise spot with just your mind, simply press your finger on the skin 1” down from the collarbone notch and focus on that spot. The result will come just the same.

Eventually, through that stimulation, you will be able to focus directly on the Nadi itself.

Note: It is a good idea to do about 10 deep breaths before beginning this practice.

Taken from the article “Getting Started

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