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"Tony Murdock is a wise and gentle teacher. His CD's make you want to meditate, and for me they have dramatically enhanced my meditation experience." - Jan Marie Dore, Business Coach, Vancouver, BC


Peace of mind, clarity of thought, reduction of stress, and a more positive outlook on life are just some of the early benefits of meditation. When our minds are calm, our body relaxes. When our mind and body are relaxed, we move toward stillness.

When we experience stillness, we are moving toward a harmony of body, mind, emotions and spirit that is our birthright. Then, when we tune into our inner Spirit, and call upon Spirit to integrate into our daily lives, we are connecting to an essential aspect of ourselves that not only gives us comfort and strength. Spirit gives us the sweet power of transformation to grow, to be compassionate toward ourselves and toward others, as we move through the transitions of life.

Meditation Tips: 24, 25, 26, 27

24 . Surrender: With surrender, we let go of our thoughts, our emotions, our likes, our dislikes. We let go of our ego’s involvement in the process. Let go, and let be. For some, let go and let God.   25. Be Receptive: When we are receptive to the possibilities of higher consciousness, we are […]