Meditation Classes

January 4, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Mind to Body Yoga
75 Watline Ave
Mississauga, ON L4Z
Fee Flyer for Details
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The theme for the Winter session is Buddhist Meditations

See mtob_meditationclasses_winter_2017 for Details

Easy Meditations for Beginners

Workshop ($35.00 + hst) – 1 Week


You will be introduced to a variety of meditation techniques from a number of spiritual traditions.


An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

 ($120.00 + hst) – 4 Weeks


In this 4 week class series you will learn the basic principles of Mindfulness Meditation,

as a part of the 8 Fold Path of Buddhism.


Tibetan Buddhist Healing Meditations ($120.00 + hst) – 4 Weeks


In this class series we will learn three Tibetan Buddhist Healing Meditations:

Tonglen, the art of healing the suffering of others,

Maitri, the art of healing our suffering,

and Metta, the art of Loving Kindness


Sleep Seminar: How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Workshop ($35.00 + hst) – 1 Week


Our sleep cycle is a time for healing and rejuvenation. In this workshop, we will learn meditation techniques and breathing exercises that will help us get a good night’s sleep. We will learn how to relax and clear the mind. We will learn how to slow the body’s metabolism down. We will learn how to go into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed.


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