Meditation Tips: 9, 10

9. Make sure that your stomach is relatively empty: Do not meditate on a full stomach. When we meditate we can interfere with the process of digestion. Besides, meditating on a full stomach can make you sleepy. It is recommended that you wait 3 hours after a heavy meal before beginning your meditation practice.

10. Proper Posture: Meditations can be done sitting in a straight-backed chair, or on a cushion on the floor. Your back should be erect, but not strained. Your back should be away from the back of the chair or the wall. Your chest, neck and head need to be in a straight line. Your hands can be resting on your thighs, either palms downward for grounding, or palms upward in a gesture of receptivity.

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Meditation Tips: 5, 6, 7, 8

5. Discipline: You need to make the effort. You need to prioritize your time. Give yourself permission to take this time for yourself. We need to believe that is it important to us. A burning enthusiasm and a sincere yearning will bring results.

6. Prayer: Experienced meditators have found that saying a brief prayer before meditation will help their meditations. Ask for “help” from your inner self, your higher self, the Divine Principle, to deepen your meditations.

7. Right Attitude: Have the right attitude towards your meditations. Feel good will toward yourself and for your practice. If you find yourself thinking “damn, I need to meditate” then your meditation will not be fruitful. If you feel this way, pray and ask for help…practice surrender.

8. Stretch and Breathe Deeply: Before you meditate, stretch out the tensions from your body, and take a few deep breathes. Deep breathing before you meditate will help to oxygenate your blood cells and your brain cells. As your metabolism slows down during meditation, your breathing slows down. You want to make sure that your body has the oxygen it will require for a still and deep meditation.

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Meditation Tips: 2, 3, 4

2. Choose a consistent time: Choose a time when you will not be distracted or interrupted. Mornings are best, or after work before supper. This will help to build the habit of meditation. Meditation before going to sleep is not recommended, as this may put you to sleep (sleep is not meditation), or make you too energized and may affect the quality of your sleep.


3. Choose a sacred space: Choose a specific and dedicated space for your regular mediation practice, where it is ‘relatively’ quiet and you will not be disturbed. Make this a “sacred” space. Personalize it with sacred pictures and sacred books. Unplug the phone.


4. Be Regular with your Practice: To begin, try to meditate 15-20 minutes daily. In time, you may want to extent this period, or even add a second daily meditation session.

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Some Helpful Tips for Your Meditation Practice: Meditation Tip 1

By Tony Murdock, MA (Vishnu Das)

Welcome to my first blog. Over the next several weeks I will be providing some helpful tips for your personal meditation practice. Read More »

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