Some Helpful Tips for Your Meditation Practice: Meditation Tip 1

By Tony Murdock, MA (Vishnu Das)

Welcome to my first blog. Over the next several weeks I will be providing some helpful tips for your personal meditation practice. These tips can help beginners, and experienced meditators alike. Whether your practice is based on contemplation (reflection), is a mindfulness (open awareness) practice, or is a meditation practice emphasizing concentration (focused awareness), there may a tip here that can help you. What is missing in your practice? Perhaps one of these tips can help you deepen your meditations.

Here is the first tip:

1. Give Yourself Permission: Give yourself full permission to meditate. You may be in the right posture for meditation, but are you fully present mentally and emotionally? Be in the present moment! Are you willing to let go of your memories of the past and your concerns for the future? Have you shifted from external awareness to internal awareness?

Stay tuned for more tips…

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  1. tibor
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    I like this new website! Very hip and inviting. Hope many people blog so we can all stay in touch and exchange needed info or just chat. Wonder if Vishnu Das looked like David Hickey back in his California days…..

    • Tony
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      Thank you Tibor…actually, David’s hair in his promo picture is shorter than mine was…

  2. Gary D
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    Great looking site Tony. Congratulations.

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    Thank you Gary!!!

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    Great website Tony! Lots of great stuff at my fingertips – Lots to contemplate. Namaste Deb